Had Enough?

This says it all….

Have a great day!  Stay warm and dry!


Today’s Abundance
-The warmth of inside
-Warm boots
-Hot cocoa
– Chocolate


Another Snowy Day!

Another snowy day!  Need I say more?

Today I choose to look at the beauty of winter and snow through the eyes of fellow Etsians!

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Today’s Abundance
-Black & White Photos
-Search Functions

National Puzzle Day

Every January 29th is National Puzzle Day!  There are all kinds of puzzles – crossword puzzles, Sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, brain-teasers, and more.  There are simple puzzles and complex puzzles.  Puzzles for the novice and puzzles for the expert.  Young and old alike are fascinated with puzzles.  Puzzles are fun.  Puzzles can be a challenge.  Puzzles can pass the time.  And puzzles certainly work the brain and keeps it sharp.  Did you do a puzzle today?

Here are some puzzles to enjoy…

Want to find out more about these puzzles?  Then just follow this link….

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Today’s Abundance
-The neighbor boy waving to me from the picture window as I am walking the puppy outside
-The wonderful smell of Pulled Pork being slowly cooked in the crock pot
– A nice stack of finished potholders
– Sudoko and Jigsaw Puzzles – my favorites

Upcycled T Shirts

I love going to thrift shops to find treasures that can be recycled/upcycled into something new and useful!  Breathing life into something again is so satisfying as the creative juices eek out something useful, something fun, or something totally unexpected.  (And yes, there is that brainstorm that totally falls flat on its face and the revamped article will never see the light of day again!)

Lately I have been collecting T Shirts to upcycle them into totes, purses, and/or wallets.  I hunt through the racks and racks of T Shirts to come up with a few that will make that perfect tote or purse for someone.

A Green Bay Packer fan donated a shirt to one of the local thrift stores and I transformed it into this tote for another Green Bay Packer fan!  Wonder if it is going to the Super Bowl?

Like black and pink?  Then this would have been a great bag for you!

And this one is absolutely perfect for the Irish Lass!

I have a stack of shirts to work on now – better get busy cutting and sewing!

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Today’s Quote
We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.  ~Thomas Fuller,Gnomologia, 1732

Wonder and Joy

I’ve been practicing with the Copics again.  Here’s another image from the Wonder and Joy Stamp Set from The Angel Company.  This little girl is so very cute with her pigtails and bare feet!  The image is matted and layered with the Lilly Anna Paper Collection, also from The Angel Company.  And the flowers are a reminder that winter will be gone before we know it and spring flowers will be popping up all over!

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Today’s Abundance
-Pink, Blue, and Green
-The thought of spring
-Audio books

Valentine Candy Sticks

I’ve been on a Valentine’s kick lately!  For once I’m ahead of the game rather than behind (remember it was I who sent out New Year’s cards just a few days ago).

I started making these Candy Sticks for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Since they were such a big hit, I am now making them with a Valentine’s theme.  I’m using Valentine M&Ms and Red Hots – love those Red Hots!

The tags have been colored with Copics.  The Puppy Dog is from Michelle Perkett and the Love Note image is from Sweet Stamping Treats.  Both are digi stamps!

Waiting to see them?  Well, here they are…  in all of their sweetness….

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Today’s Quote
Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.  ~Albert Einstein

I {Heart} You

Red, roses, hearts….  they are all part of Valentine’s Day….  the day of love and affection!

And the members of  the newly formed Red Team will not disappoint you with their take on Valentines ….  just look at their creativity…

To check out the offerings, just click here and you’ll be able to explore each of the shops in more detail!

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Today’s Abundance
-Blueberry Pie
-Short nippy walks with the puppy in the cold, cold, cold weather
– A discovery – Kindle Books can be downloaded to the iPad and the Mac
-A reliable furnace
-Sweatshirts and turtlenecks