HandmadeMN “No Name” Treasury….

So how does one end up with a “No Name” Treasury?  Well, I started out by looking for items that would fit into a HandmadeMN Summer Vacation treasury.  I found a few items; then, I became enamored with things with oranges and copper and blues – pretty soon I had something other than a summer vacation treasury.  I liked it!!  But no clever theme or name has popped into my mind.  Thus, it is my “No Name” Treasury!

HandmadeMN Etsians are awesome!  Just look at the variety and quality that I’ve captured in this treasury!  Enjoy….

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Today’s Abundance
-A high tolerance for pain – snow is in the forecast for tomorrow – will it ever end??
-Getting to the post office before the rush of last minute tax payers
-Hardy spring annuals – they certainly are being tested this season
-No nap today – I’m getting over the crud so it is nice not to be so tired that I need to nap during the day
-HandmadeMN Etsy Team


Robins and Rabbits

Spring is slowly making an appearance.  Although I think it must be stuck in traffic somewhere as it sure it taking a long time to warm up – I still need a winter jacket when I take the dog out for his walks.  While the snow is melting there is still plenty of big piles left from all of the snow we have had since November of last year.  Chili still tastes good on cold spring days as does a cup of hot chocolate!

I have seen signs of some perennials coming to life – the tulips and lilies are starting to peek through the ground and I can also see some small hens-n-chicks coming to life.  Today I also saw the rabbits running through the yard and I saw my first robin of the season sitting on the fence chirping away!

So, to honor the robin and the rabbit I have made this treasury of goodies…  Take a look…  Can you feel the warmth of spring??  I sure can!!

And may all of you have sunny skies and warm temps and light breezes to welcome in spring!


Today’s Abundance
– The first robin of the season
– Happy go lucky rabbits bounding through the backyards
– Scampering squirrels as they move from one branch above to another
– Green things struggling to poke their way through the wet, soggy soil
– The hope that spring will really arrive one of these days (i.e. warmer weather and sunny skies)

Create Your Own Road

I’ve taken a few days off from blogging.  Now I’m back.  Beware – I’m a bit philosophical today though!

The phrase – creating your own road – caught my eye in something that I’ve read the past few days.  It is such a great metaphor for our lives – we need to be the best we can be, we need to be ourselves, we need to follow our roads and our paths; not those of others.   This great adventure called life has so much to offer us!  To get the most out of it, find your road, start/continue the journey, and have lots of fun on the way to being YOU!!

And to visualize this metaphor, I’ve curated this treasury of roads, paths, maps, bridges, etc!!

Have a grand time creating your own road – happy travels!!


Today’s Abundance
-Homemade Chili (for another chilly day in the midwest)
-A new zippered pouch with raw edge flower embellishment
-A napping puppy – with all four legs sticking up in the air – how funny
-My very own bumpy road with all kinds of twists and curves and steep downhills and uphills

It’s a Lazy Day Today!

Ever have one of those days where all you want to do is to veg out?  Well, today was one of those for me.  Maybe it is this weather – we took two steps back again to snow and single digit temperatures.  Maybe it’s the fact that February (of 2011 no less) is almost over.  Maybe I really am suffering from Cabin Fever!  Whatever the reason, it was a day of movies, and blog browsing, and computer cleanup.  I did, however, make pulled pork today in the slow cooker so I have meals ready for tomorrow!

So, in keeping with the lazy theme, I had to build a Lazy Treasury!

And treat yourself to a lazy day sometimes – it is refreshing!

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Today’s Abundance
-Pulled Pork
-Good Movies
-Freed up space on my computer
-Being able to enjoy a lazy day now and again

Fashion Week Kickoff

Today is the day that New York City kicks off its Fashion Week to debut fall and winter seasonal lines.  So, it seems appropriate that today’s blog should be about fashion!  But before we look ahead to the next few months, I think we should also look back at some vintage fashions from fellow Etsians!  You will find wedding gowns, swimsuits, dresses and more from days past.  You can find more details on each of the below here….

Happy Fashion!!

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Today’s Abundance
-Minus 9 this morning, 30 above tomorrow – I can hang on one more day
Another upcycled tote
-No bills in today’s mail
-A quiet, crafty day
– Daily blog post done before the evening sets in!

Another Snowy Day!

Another snowy day!  Need I say more?

Today I choose to look at the beauty of winter and snow through the eyes of fellow Etsians!

Want more details?  Then click here….

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Today’s Abundance
-Black & White Photos
-Search Functions

National Puzzle Day

Every January 29th is National Puzzle Day!  There are all kinds of puzzles – crossword puzzles, Sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, brain-teasers, and more.  There are simple puzzles and complex puzzles.  Puzzles for the novice and puzzles for the expert.  Young and old alike are fascinated with puzzles.  Puzzles are fun.  Puzzles can be a challenge.  Puzzles can pass the time.  And puzzles certainly work the brain and keeps it sharp.  Did you do a puzzle today?

Here are some puzzles to enjoy…

Want to find out more about these puzzles?  Then just follow this link….

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Today’s Abundance
-The neighbor boy waving to me from the picture window as I am walking the puppy outside
-The wonderful smell of Pulled Pork being slowly cooked in the crock pot
– A nice stack of finished potholders
– Sudoko and Jigsaw Puzzles – my favorites