HandmadeMN “No Name” Treasury….

So how does one end up with a “No Name” Treasury?  Well, I started out by looking for items that would fit into a HandmadeMN Summer Vacation treasury.  I found a few items; then, I became enamored with things with oranges and copper and blues – pretty soon I had something other than a summer vacation treasury.  I liked it!!  But no clever theme or name has popped into my mind.  Thus, it is my “No Name” Treasury!

HandmadeMN Etsians are awesome!  Just look at the variety and quality that I’ve captured in this treasury!  Enjoy….

Thanks for stopping by…


Today’s Abundance
-A high tolerance for pain – snow is in the forecast for tomorrow – will it ever end??
-Getting to the post office before the rush of last minute tax payers
-Hardy spring annuals – they certainly are being tested this season
-No nap today – I’m getting over the crud so it is nice not to be so tired that I need to nap during the day
-HandmadeMN Etsy Team


2 Responses to HandmadeMN “No Name” Treasury….

  1. Rita,

    I love your choices for your ‘No Name’ Treasury. It’s not easy to explain choices you like. I appreciate having my Dandelion print a part of your collection.

  2. CJ says:

    Thank you for including my blue pattern print! It’s a nice, summery Treasury. Ahh, summer….

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