Arundel – a.k.a. Running from the Mundane

Today I’m featuring an ETSY shop that is about a year old.  Two sisters –  Ellie and Amy – have teamed up  and opened the arundel ETSY shop.  They recently started a blog too and I just love the name:  Running from the Mundane!

So who are Ellie and Amy?  As they explain it on their ETSY Profile:  “We are two sisters with a passion for music, movies, fashion, books, travel and awesome adventures. With one foot stuck in reality, the other firmly planted in la-la land, we strive to create unique, quality pieces we hope will inspire and intrigue. Recycling is alive and well here at arundel. Many of our necklaces are made with vintage and/or surplus items that are deserving of a second chance. We mix these items with new pieces to create something that is truly one-of-a-kind.”

Just take a look at the variety of items these two sisters make!  Wired wrapped necklaces, skirts and dresses, zipper, bobby pins, and eye catching wine bottle stoppers!

And for their blog…  it is truly out-of-the-ordinary and far, far from mundane!  Check out Miniature Belts Have Feelings Too…. or Stepping Out of My Box!  You’ll find them to be delightful posts.

Please stop by their shop and their blog for an extraordinary experience!

Have a great day….


Today’s Abundance
– Shoveling water – a futile experience in trying to get the end of the driveway cleared of a huge, never ending puddle
-Egg cookers
-Instruction manuals for when the brain freezes up regarding a task done many times
-The unusually fast service from the bank teller today
-Semi non-icy streets to walk on


One Response to Arundel – a.k.a. Running from the Mundane

  1. Great blog Rita. These 2 girls have a cute idea.
    I also love how you list “Today’s abundance” with you posts.

    Thank you very much for stopping by my blog too!!


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