Project Maddie

Maddie needs help.

Maddie is a rescue kitten and her owner has tended to her, taken her to the vet, started her shots and given her lots and lots of love.  Maddie is gaining weight and enjoys having her human around.  Unfortunately, life has taken a few unkind twists and turns recently for Maddie’s owner, Brie, and the budget is strained beyond imagination.  Maddie and Brie may need to part ways if Brie is unable to keep up financially.  And Brie is doing everything imaginable to turn the situation around.

Because Brie and Maddie belong together a number of us on the UWIB ETSY Team are banding together to raise funds for Maddie.  Team members are donating sales from Project Maddie items to Maddie’s fund.  It’s a win, win!!  The buyer gets the item they purchased, Maddie gets funds for food and the vet, and us sellers have the satisfaction that comes with helping someone in need.

I have pledged (and sold already) 2 sets of my Reusable Snack Sacks for Project Maddie.

One of our team members, Maria Soto Robbins, painted a lovely image of Maddie.  It, too, has already sold.  You can buy prints, cards, and other items of Maddie here!

Other designated items include:

Rendachs has these adorable tea towels – “purr-fect” for any cat lover!

MommaGoddess has donated this lovely Pink Rose Ring – this is but one of the rings she has pledged to Maddie’s Fund:

CrazyForCollars has pledged a number of her adorable collars for the fund:


And kledesigns has pledged these earrings:

You can also find other items earmarked for Maddie’s Fund by clicking on this ETSY Search!  New items are added frequently.

Thanks for checking out Project Maddie!  All of your help will be appreciated tremendously.  And remember, you receive the product and the seller is making the donation to Maddie’s Fund!

Thanks for stopping by…


Today’s Abundance
-Bright sunshine
-Project Maddie
-Being part of UWIB, and awesome group of creative Etsians
-A working furnace – the bitter cold is settling in for a few days
-Mint Hot Chocolate


One Response to Project Maddie

  1. Wonderful post, Rita! Thanks for showcasing all our items and promoting Project Maddie!

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