Sharing with a Friend….

This is a short pictorial story about my cat and my dog!

On occasion, Rusty and Midnight can co-habit peacefully.  In fact, in this picture Midnight is actually in Rusty’s bed and Rusty is content to let him have it!  Friends sharing….

And now they both are up and a bit more active.  Wasn’t it nice of them to pose so nicely for me?  I won’t mention that I took about 30 pics on my digital camera!!  Still friends and still sharing….

Ooops….  no longer sharing, but still friends.  Midnight is pleading for relief…. but then he never avoids Rusty as they are friends and this is all about playing together!

Thanks for stopping by…

Rita and Rusty and Midnight

Today’s Abundance
– The joy of having pets
– A new ETSY Banner
– Brisk winter walks
– Hot chocolate
– The auto service department that found time to fix the drivers window that wouldn’t roll up – nice to drive in a car in winter without “air conditioning”!!


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