Dogs and Shoes

Where or where are my shoes?  Lately they have been disappearing and I find them in the oddest places!  The culprit:  Rusty.  I finally caught him in action with my work shoes and my bright pink sandals!  He has so much fun with them.

I have come to learn that dogs chew because that is what a dog is supposed to do.  That is how nature has designed them to be!  Chewing is enjoyable for dogs just as a baby likes the pacifier, the child likes a lollipop, and adults like chewing gum. Dogs find a lot of comfort being around their humans and, therefore, also find much comfort in their scent.  So, shoes satisfy the need to chew and the desire to be close to their beloved human!

And isn’t this one so very cute and so very irresistible!  Who wouldn’t fall in love with him and, thus, not get overly bent out of shape when he chews on the shoes!!

And what puppy or dog wouldn’t love to chew on these!

Click here to pursue this treasury in detail

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Today’s Abundance
-Beautiful day (i.e. the heat and humidity have left Minnesota)
– A great weekend scrapping with friends
-Fresh fruit and dip
-Rusty, my adorable puppy
-Did I mention the gorgeous weather we had today?


2 Responses to Dogs and Shoes

  1. Love this Rita! Rusty is so cute–growing up into a beautiful dog. I love his fur/coat color. What fun you must all have with him.

  2. he is soooo cute Rita!!

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