A couple of days ago I had my camera with me while looking over the flower garden – never know what one will one across so for once I wanted to be prepared to capture Mother Nature!  I was not disappointed.  My yellow and cream Zinnias were being kept company by the bees.  The bees were fast moving but I did get a couple of photos!

They are neat little insects to look at – in a photo, of course!  In real life I don’t linger too long for fear of being stung!

I also browsed through ETSY to find any bees that may be lurking there and here is what I found:

Here’s the link to the treasury so you can click and comment…

Thanks for stopping by…


Today’s Abundance
– A slow, slow rain – enjoying the sounds as the raindrops hit the leaves of the trees and plants
-A quiet morning – very little noise from the streets at the moment
-Seeing good friends yesterday
-The anticipation of buying the Minnesota Fabrics from the Minnesota Shop Hop that is starting – they are beautiful blues
-The pets – they are all taking a morning nap!


5 Responses to Buzzz……

  1. Lisa says:

    WOnderful!!! Thanks so much 🙂



  2. Malene says:

    Oh, so many cute items…and great photos too. Thanks so much for including my earrings.

  3. Marietta says:

    Thank you so much! Such a happy treasury! I love bees and more than that, I love the honey they produce, so “Here’s to Bees”!

  4. Amanda says:

    So sweet! Thanks so much for including my perfume!

  5. Very cute and cozy! Thank you for including our Baby Bee Buttermilk soap!!! 🙂

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