Button Rings by Jen Carter

When I first met Jen Carter of JenniferDCarter’s shop, I was blown away by her suburb talent when it came to ink, paper, and rubber stamps.  Well, she has blown me away once again as she transforms ordinary buttons into beautiful and elegant Button Rings!

Just take a look at this vibrant Orange Zest Button Ring!  It is wrapped with black permanently colored copper wire.

And how about this one!!  It is a “cute ring for a child featuring small Raspberry Fizz & Plum Pudding buttons.”  As Jen says,  “this ring will be a hit with your child and her friends.”

And this is one of my favorites too!  It is a Purple Marble Wire Button Ring that is wrapped with silver-plated wire for a stunning look!

Don’t you agree with me that these button rings are out of this world!  Be sure to check out Jen’s ETSY shop, as well as, her blog for more delightful creations!


Today’s Abundance
-Puppy School
-Coming back home from vacation
-A nice breeze while working on the computer outside, even though the sky is overcast
-Good times with family


8 Responses to Button Rings by Jen Carter

  1. Jen Carter says:

    Ahhhh! Thanks Rita you are just so sweet!! Thank you SO much for your post and for your sweet words! It means a lot to me!

  2. Wonderful artistic use of the buttons in these rings. Nice work to Jen! Nice post to Rita! I could use the cool breeze around here, 98 tomorrow with heat index up to 109 or something WHEW!

    Thanks for sharing and best to Jen, I’ll be sure and check out her shop!

  3. They are absolutely exquisite! Fabulous imagination and creativity. Congratulations!

  4. How unique and pretty! Would never have guessed they were buttons!

  5. WOW! What more can one say? They are amazing!

  6. Donnielle says:

    These are great ! thanks for sharing such a great find !!!

  7. Those button rings are awesome! Great idea! Love your work.

  8. Miriam says:

    Thanks for introducing me to Jen. Great stuff.

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