Butterflies in the Backyard

I have a few butterflies hanging around the backyard and was fortunate enough to snap a few photos of this lovely yellow and black butterfly before it flittered off to another yard.  I’m keeping a keen eye on the flower pots and flower gardens now to see if I can “catch” a few more!

Thanks for stopping by….


Today’s Abundance
-Beautiful butterflies
-Warm, sunny days
-A good nights sleep (i.e. was only up once with the new addition)
-Fresh cantaloupe
– Public libraries and all that they have to offer


2 Responses to Butterflies in the Backyard

  1. Heidi Hihn says:

    Great picture!! I try to make sure my garden is full of plants that attract the butterfiles, this way I can enjoy them when I am out in the backyard!

  2. Julie says:

    what amazing pictures!

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