It’s A Dog’s World

First of all, a big thanks to all of you who have been reading my new blog.  Since I officially announced it last week, I’ve had almost 300 visitors!  I really do appreciate you taking time out of your busy days to stop by.

Second, thanks to the 5 visitors who left me a dog related link in their comments for the Ziggy is Here post!  As promised, I am featuring them here.  Also, please vote for your favorite – see the end of this post for voting.  The entry receiving the most votes, will be featured on my blog, as well as, have their avatar/picture posted on my blog for a week – it will be posted in the upper right hand corner where my avatar currently resides.  So onto the entries:

Chilly Paws offers a selection of handcrafted, personalized and embroidered pet blankets, tunnel beds, sacks, towels, and pet cart covers.  This Pet Shopping Cart Cover has been designed to fit nearly all shopping carts at pet friendly stores!

Julie B. of Wabi Brook Studios, features nature-inspired, eco-friendly, fine art and artisan jewellery from Wabi Brook Studio.   I especially love her pet portraits and tiny art collectibles – also known as ACEOs.  Isn’t this West Highland Terrier adorable?

Suzanne, CrazyforCollars, is all about colorful dog collars that are a must have for every dog! She has been making dog collars for several years and also offers tutorials so you can make your own!  This Chocolate and Pink Paw Prints adjustable collar with a bow is one of the favorites among her customers!

Theresa B of EgretEffects, knit this sweater for her Jack Russell.  According to Theresa, this “one little sweater not only fits her, but she totally tolerates it AND it matches a hat” she mad for herself!

The PoliticalPoochesShop owned by Sarah is a great way to make your dog’s political voice heard!  Here is one her 22″ x 22″, 100% cotton bandanas with “Barkers for Barack” logo silkscreened on the corner.

So many things for our dogs!  I love them all!  But, we do need to know which one is the favorite!  Please vote below.  I will close the poll at the end of the day on Sunday, June 6!

Thanks for stopping by….


Today’s Abundance
-Hazelnut Iced Coffee, yummy
-The guy in the hardware store who kindly cut my PVC pipe for my new light box
-Coupons are OK, but getting a gift card when buy something with a coupon for is so much better
-Nap time for the neighborhood child who only knew how to scream in a high pitched voice today
– The mailman – he brought no bills today


2 Responses to It’s A Dog’s World

  1. Japip says:

    Great post and I voted but it was a hard decision picking my fave. Really loved your daily abundance today re: screaming child taking nap:D I have my own issues with neighbor’s howling dog left all alone in a house all day. Poor dog but thank goodness for air conditioning and closing the windows.

  2. Julie B. says:

    I’m chiming in a bit late on this post, but want to thank you for featuring Fergus, my Westie art card. The little contest was fun! So many cute and useful dog accessories. The shopping cart cover is adorable! I can’t imagine fitting my Great Pyrennees in one, though! 🙂

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