Lavender Sachets plus Gift Card

I designed these Lavender Sachets for a membership drive of a local Rubber Stamping Club.  The membership drive is over so I can now post them here! 

The muslin bags and gift card are stamped with Violette Palette Ink using the Watercolor Plants Stamp Set.  The “for you” sentiment on the card is from my often used Tag Tidbits Stamp Set.

Use these sachets to freshen up the sweater, coat, hat, or mitten drawers – even that gym bag can benefit from a lavender sachet!  Lavender also has calming effects so use at night, when you have a headache, or when you are stressed!

Thanks for stopping by…


Today’s Abundance

-Not being on the road during the snow storm we are getting!

-The wonderful scent of lavender

-The pot roast in the slow cooker

-Sweatshirts and turtlenecks – they are so comfy on cold, winter days

-My neighbor who will be shoveling my snow in the morning


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