All I Want for Christms…

Once again good fortune has come my way in the form of winning another contest for The Angel Company!.  The theme of this particular contest was “All I Want for Christmas.’

I created a paper Tooth Fairy Pillow from our Reece Soar With It Collection.  Once I cut out a front and back, I brushed a coat of Modge Podge over each.  When the paper dried, I sewed it together leaving a small opening for stuffing.  For the stuffing I recycled some of those pesky plastic bags that seem to accumulate way too fast.  I sewed the opening shut.  I used the Crop-A-Dile to punch two holes in the top of the tooth for the Reece Ribbon so the tooth could be hung up!

Then, on the front I constructed a pocket with a flap for the safe keeping of the tooth and ultimately the goodie (a.k.a. money) from the Tooth Fairy.  A felt flower, button, and scrappers floss embellish the pocket flap! 

I printed out the letter to the Tooth Fairy, matted it, and adhered it to the pocket.

And on the bottom of the right “root”, I added another tag that reads “All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth!”

It was a fun project to do.  And now I get to go shopping for free stamps!!

Thanks for stopping by…


Today’s Abundance

-A nap

-Yummy Hot Chocolate on a chilly day

-A Sale in both of my ETSY stores – and

-Mint Chocolate Covered Mini Oreos

-A low key day


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