Photo Frames & Refrigerator Magnet from an Altered 3×3 Chipboard Album

The idea for this creation came from the 2007 Angel Company big summer get together to celebrate the end of one catalog year and the beginning of a brand new one!

Start with a 3×3 Mini Chipboard Album. Use a sharp knife, such as our Retractable Knife, to cut the spine of the mini album along the back. You get 2 photo frames from each mini album plus a single piece of chipboard. This single one becomes the refrigerator magnet.
The picture has all 3 items that I created from a single mini chipboard album. At the far left is the magnet – the bride is my lovely daughter!!. The middle (LOVE) is the front cover of one of the photo frames. And on the right is the inside of the 2nd photo album (a closer look will reveal my daughter and son-in-law’s engagement pictures that I had the privilege of taking!).
I used our Miss Moxie Paper Collection and Lime Green Scrappers Floss (it comes in many colors and is one of my favorite embellishments) to make these gems!!
These are lovely gifts for friends and family. Be sure to make yourself a set too for your desk at work or for your stamping room at home!!
Happy Stamping and Scrapping

Today’s Abundance
-My daughter, she is the subject of many of my creations
-The rabbits that great me every morning in the back yard
-The process, albeit slow, of cleaning out the stamping room – I’m amazed at what I can toss, as well as, how many duplicates I have of a few things!! At least I can now walk through it without tripping over something!!
-The lilacs that are in bloom
-My Neighborhood Hardware Store – they actually can duplicate a key right the first time (don’t ask, the story is way too long……)

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