A Collection of Merry Wishes

We certainly have had our fair share of snow in Minnesota these last few days. It snowed all day Sunday, then again on Tuesday, Christmas Day, and this morning it was snowing again. It has let up for the moment but the skies are grey and cloudy and more of the white stuff is in the forecast. All in all, it is much better than last year’s brown Christmas!!

And here’s one last look at Christmas Crafts…from left to right:
-Another Stamped Candle using the Santa form the Tis The Season set.
-Comp book covered with Merry Wishes Papers and Monogram.
-A bag and tags made with my new Cricut eXpressions machine. Inside is chocolate candy wrapped in Merry Wishes paper.
-A Christmas Card – Merry Wishes Paper and the new Cricut eXpressions machine.
-Gift Tags using the Tis The Season set.

My Christmas Cards were mailed today. A bit late (but certainly not as late as last year!). So now it’s time to put the Christmas stamps back on the shelf and start playing with the new papers and stamps from The Angel Company!!

Today’s Abundance
-Friends and family far and near.
-Airlines that deliver family safe and sound (despite being delayed by snow)
-Snow, especially the white, light, fluffy kind of snow.
-The quiet after the hustle and bustle.
-The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd look through the new Angel Company Catalog.

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